21st May 2018

Become A Tester & Learn How To Check For Bugs While Testing Sites – A Quick Guide

Become A Tester & Learn How To Check For Bugs While Testing Sites – A Quick Guide

Becoming a quality tester is not very difficult. You need to be passionate about it and should always do the required hard work. If you are from India then you can join Smart Mentors as it is the best web development course providing academy.

However to check for the bugs while testing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Try to understand the entire application or module inside out before beginning the testing. If you don’t understand the whole module then finding an error can be difficult for you.

  • Prepare great tests cases before beginning the testing. Means, try to stress upon the useful tests which incorporate real risks of the application.

  • Create adequate test information before tests, this informational index incorporates the tests conditions and furthermore the database records on the off chance that you will test DB related application.

  • Perform the test again and again with the distinctive test conditions.

  • Try to discover the subsequent example and afterward contrast your outcomes and those examples.

  • When you feel that you have finished the vast majority of the test conditions and when you think you are worn out fairly at that point try out some monkey testing.

  • Use your past test information as an example to investigate the present arrangement of tests. This will help you a lot in finding an error or bug without wasting much time.

  • Try out some standard tests for which you found the bugs in some extraordinary application. For example, on the off chance that you are testing the input text box then you can try out testing some HTML labels as the data sources and see the result on the display page.

  • Last and the best tip is make a decent attempt to find out any error or bug. Imagine that you are just trying to break the application. Think like a hacker and try to remove as many errors and bugs as you can.

All these points are a quick guide to find the bugs while testing sites. However, to become a tester, you need to go through the proper training and must have all the required knowledge. To become a software tester your first priority should be Smart Mentors as it is one of the best academies that provides professional quality testing courses in Gujarat.

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