2nd Mar 2018

8 important tools for aspiring web designers and developers

8 important tools for aspiring web designers and developers

Web Designers and developers need a lot of tools while creating a website. The tools available for web developers and designers have increased a lot in the last few years. These tools help in better workflow and help in creating better designs.

Web designing and development tools can help in streamlining the code and create improved versions of the website. We have listed below 8 important tools that are used for aspiring web designers and developers.


JavaScript is a popular front end language preferred by developers. jQuery was introduced in 2006. It is a small, fast and cross platform JavaScript library used to simplify the front end process. jQuery allows a great scope for creating animations, adding plug-ins, or even just navigating documents.


Krita is a powerful tool used for graphic designing. The Internet is awash with illustration. More and more designers are preferring usage of illustrations, and even digital paintings, to bring life to their web designs. Sure, most of it is in vector format for reasons of SVG, but if you want a more traditional look to your graphics, Krita has your back.

Chrome Developer Tools

Google has an inbuilt tool for web developers, Chrome Developer that lets you edit your HTML and CSS in real time and debug your JavaScript while viewing a thorough analysis of your website. This is available in Chrome and Safari and it allows developers to access internal web applications.

Visual Studio Code

This tool is fast and extensible and the most important thing is that it works. It is a free text editor and has become popular quickly.

Sublime Text

It is a code editor with well-designed features, highly efficient and speedy user interface. It has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to use and gives the ability to perform both editing and quick navigation to files, symbols and lines.


Sketch is highly recommended by web designers all over. With Sketch, it is easier to sort all the documents and make revisions. Sketch has small documents and the file sizes are smaller which makes it easy to work with it. It looks and works very simple as compared to Photoshop.


GitHub has made web development a lot easier and hassle free to work with. With GitHub you can view any changes you have made or even go back to previous stage. It has a rich open source development community and has advanced features like bug tracking, feature requests, task management and wikis.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a very popular web designing tool. It has drawing tools that enable us to define mobile and desktop previews, sharing tools, non-static interactions and giving feedback on designs. It has a very light interface and works great for mood boards.

The above mentioned tools are very useful in web designing and web development. For every aspiring web designer and developer it must be taken into consideration, to use tools that make the work easy.

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