28th Feb 2018

7 web design tips for beginners

7 web design tips for beginners

Web Designing has gained a lot of popularity in last few years and has become a very specialized field of website designing and developing. It can be tough for those who are just starting out because they may not know the fundamentals and approach to identify problems with the design.

For Website designing, user experience is of great importance as that will help in getting revisits to the website. A beautiful and user friendly website will stand out and attract visitors. We have created a special list of tips that will be helpful for beginners of Web designing.

Selecting colours

Special attention needs to be paid to colours and colour tones. Do not include a lot of colours as that tends to make website unattractive and does not appeal the visitors. Select a colour theme for the entire website and give a particular colour to major call to action buttons. There are a few good websites that help you find the best supporting colours or combinations for your website.

Focus on target audience

Most of the designer miss this important factor while designing a website. The main focus of the web designer should be to create something that attracts the target audience. For this, it is important to know who the target audience is and what they like. After having figured this out, a designer can create as per the target audience. The business website wants visitors and revisits and an attractive website created as per their preference can do that.

Clean up your codes

HTML text can be made faster and better than graphic text. You need to keep a check on the HTML coding like spaces tags and even white spaces that will eventually increase the size of your files. Clean codes will help in making a good design and attractive website.

Responsive designs

Web designing beginners will have to keep in mind that web design in today’s time has be done keeping in mind mobile responsiveness. That means that every website now requires mobile responsive designs as most of the search for information and purchase is done through mobile phones. Make sure to have responsive designs for mobiles, tablets and computers.

Easy navigation

Every web designer needs to keep the website navigation simple and visible on every page to make it easy for the visitors to surf. Make company logo a part of navigation and clickable to go to the homepage. Easy navigation is a very essential part of web designing.

Compress your images

Using images wisely is very important for web designers. Images occupy a lot of space and can make the website slow. Before adding images to the web design, compress your images to half their size. This will help in reducing the loading time.

Choice of CMS

Choosing the wrong CMS (Content management system) can lead to a lot of problems for the aspiring web designer. The CMS that you choose must give you plenty of features like, flexibility, scalability and must allow you to make changes easily and quickly.

For all those web designers who are just beginning their career must keep in mind the above tips. We have tried to cover all the aspects that will make a good web designer. Above all a web designer must be willing to work hard and be dedicated towards the profession. A good plan and knowledge of fundamentals surely helps a long way.

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