18th Feb 2018

7 things to know about PHP programming training

7 things to know about PHP programming training

PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor, that earlier stood for Personal Home Pages.

PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed. A career in PHP programming has become coveted and there is a lot of demand of developers in the market. This is a specialized career and only a trained PHP programming professional can develop websites with efficiency.

We have listed here seven things that are important to know about PHP programming training that every aspiring developer must take note of.

Basic Knowledge

Learning PHP means having basic knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Most of the aspiring developers are aware of it and if not then they must take up a short course or even online tutorials are available for HTML. Knowing both HTML and PHP can be beneficial as you can switch between languages in the same document. A PHP programming training is well supported with knowledge of HTML.

PHP Functions

PHP comes with set of predefined functions, but with proper training developers can write their own custom functions. These functions helps in planning of tasks that are to be conducted repeatedly. Custom functions can really help a developer long term and there is plenty a developer can do with it.


In order to create PHP pages, we can use the same software used to create HTML pages. While a PHP programming training gives all the information into the contents of the course, it also helps to know and use all the PHP tools which is very important. Knowing all the tools and techniques of PHP programming give an edge to the aspiring developer and helps in getting practical knowledge.

Learn the Fundamentals

It is advisable to start the PHP programming training with the fundamentals and guidelines as it goes a long way in understanding all the concepts of PHP programming and all the projects that a developer will take up. Every website or project has to be completed keeping in mind the fundamentals of PHP programming.

Project based Training

While going for a PHP programming training make sure that you get project based training as that gives you a real insight into the PHP programming and helps you evaluate your performance. You can evaluate and improve on the learning through project based training.


It is important that you receive certification for your completion of PHP programming training. This can be added to your resume and companies give a serious consideration to candidate who is certified in PHP programming.


Spend a lot of time practicing and learning the new updates. PHP is ever evolving and a lot of updates go unnoticed by developers. Make sure to read quality articles about latest PHP updates. Be an active part of PHP community and get help from members whenever required. Being a part of community will go a long way for every developer. Keep practicing codes and choose a good training academy that allows you to practice and gives good learning.

PHP programming training is not only essential for developers but it makes a developer use concepts in a proper manner with full guidelines. By following proper guidelines and learning all the concepts will can help you become a successful developer.

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