25th Jan 2018

7 things to consider before joining a Web Design Academy

7 things to consider before joining a Web Design Academy

For people with great imagination and creative juices flowing all the time, Web Designing is an apt career choice. It may not be the easiest career choice as it requires a lot of commitment, confidence and justify your creativity as per your clients’ requirements. However with the right training and use of appropriate tools, one can hone their skills to the maximum.

There are plenty of training institutes that cater Web Designing Courses but before signing up for the course, have a look at the below important points:

Basic or Advanced Course

While zeroing on the Web Design academy make sure if you want to go for a Basic course or Advanced course. If you do not have any basic knowledge then it is advisable to go for a Basic course and later on can go for an advanced course, if required.

Core Technical Knowledge

It is important to acquire certain knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP and others, even Photoshop and other editing features.

Full time or part time

Make sure to decide whether you want to go for a full time course or a short term course. Some institutes offer only short term courses and some institutes offer both short term and long term courses.

Freelancing or Full time job

For web designers, it is required to decide whether they want to pursue web designing career as a freelancer or as a job. If you choose to work in a company, they have different softwares and companies train designers on their own softwares. Whereas as a freelancer you choose the software of your choice and thus an expert training is required for that.


The academy you select for your web designing course must have a good infrastructure as they must be kept updated with latest softwares and trends in the industry. Web designing trends keep changing with the times and you need to make sure that your training is at par with the changing trends.

Placement Assistance

It is beneficial to ensure that the Web Design academy you wish to join provides placement assistance. Most credible academies have association with Web Designing companies for placement and internships. It gives your career a good start to get placement directly from the academy.

Study your mentors

Your mentors will be your guide. Take demo lessons and study their work. Get to know their work experience and their profile. It will be a big factor in deciding the web designing academy you want to join.

Choosing a web design academy will be the biggest move you will make for your career and you must ensure that it is the best. The web design industry can offer you challenging and rewarding opportunities. The web design skill are more desirable than they have ever been before. There are web designers everywhere but the quality designers are lacking. Thus a good web design academy will be your stepping stone in the industry.  

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