20th Mar 2018

7 Reasons Android Development Training is Most Preferred Career Choice

7 Reasons Android Development Training is Most Preferred Career Choice

Android was launched in 2007 and has been the most popular platform since then. This operating system has been improving a lot and learning Android development has been the most coveted career option these days.

There has been a tremendous increase in demand of mobile application developers. Android has been dominating market share and the future looks bright for Android application developers. We have listed seven reasons why Android development training is the most preferred career choice.

Huge Demand

There are a lot of companies that want to hire Android developers. The current employment industry has seen a radical change with the increase in demand for Android developers. This can be seen because of the increase in mobiles users and Android users. India has around 220 million smartphone users presently and a majority of these are Android users. With the increase in Android users there is definitely going to be an increase in demand of Android developers.

Open Source Code

The best part about Android operating system is that it is open source. This simplifies a lot of things for Android development trainees and experts. It is easy for developers to interact with the Android developer community for the new versions of the operating system which can be implemented in their upcoming projects. Android is a lucrative prospect for a lot of companies and a lot of wireless operators which results in rapid development of the applications.

It Gives You Freedom

Android development does not have to be a normal 9 hour job. You can work from an office or from your home. You do not have restriction of time and place. Many organizations give an option to Android developers to work from home or anywhere else at their own pace, as long as work is done efficiently. You can also work as a freelancer. Thus a career in Android development gives a lot of freedom to developers.

Good Compensation

These days companies are ready to pay huge compensation to Android developers. The increase in the salary package of Android developers has been over the years due to its immense popularity and demand of online developers. With the growing market, there has been steady growth and salary increase is a result of that. There are a variety of functions that an Android developer performs and organizations are looking for people with such capabilities.

Low Investment

Contrary to other operating systems, Android has low barrier for entry, which means that it is available to users for free. The licensing and the development cost are minimum. The development cost could be divided into app development, testing, and hardware testing. The amount of return on investment is also higher than any other platform.

Challenging Platform

The mobile technology is ever changing and can be highly competitive. It requires continuous invention and innovation. It is important to develop new apps with different concept and release them quickly to gain an edge over the competitors. It is a dynamic field and can be challenging for those who are up for it.

Supportive Online Community

Android has a huge online community that can be very helpful. They can be in the form of community, support groups or forums. They include some of the best developers of Android and offer great resources that can help other developers. They are a great place to interact and grow network of Android developers.
It is a good time to pursue Android Development. It is in huge demand and pays a lot better to Android developers. It is not an easy skill to learn but with proper training it can be the best career path for a developer.

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