11th Jan 2019

6 Reasons Why Responsive Web Development Training is Essential

6 Reasons Why Responsive Web Development Training is Essential

One of the main topics you will come across any top website designing courses and any web development courses is how to build a responsive website. And website designers all over the world are embracing it because of the benefits it provides. Simply put, responsive web design is making websites in such a way that it can adapt to any device used by the visitors.

Different users can view a site with different devices like phone, tablets, iPad, computer and so on, but there may be difficulty viewing the content of the website if it is not a responsive one. With responsive web design, no matter the device used, users will not have a problem manually adjusting the screen in order to see the web content. If you are a web designer, new or old, and you are yet to know how to design a responsive website, you can do yourself a huge favor by start learning it.

You can search online using some keywords like “Web Education Institute in Gujarat” or “web designing training institutes in Surat,” I believe you will see a couple of places where you can learn it. I will be sharing 6 reasons why responsive web development training is essential in the article.

Responsive web development training is essential because, with it, you can design a responsive website:

  1. That is flexible:

    When you need to make changes on websites, you need to make changes on all the website designed for different devices one after the other, but that is not the case with responsive websites. With responsive design, you can quickly and easily make changes on the websites without having to touch more than one website. This is a huge advantage as you can just fix any problem at once.

  2. That is very cost effective and with lower maintenance need:

    You tend to spend more if you have to design and maintain different websites for mobile and non-mobile users. But using responsive design will save you from all these as your investment into one will take care of every other user.

  3. That has a better search engine optimization (SEO) gain:

    SEO is usually used by different organizations to boost their rankings on search engines online. This is so important because the closer your business is to the top, the better the chances of you being seen by your potential customers. And with a responsive website, you cannot have a duplicate content issue that you can have with having separate mobile and non-mobile versions, thereby affecting your ranking online.

  4. That has a better online and offline browsing experience:

    The experience users have on first visiting your website with any of their devices will determine if they want to come back or not. Responsive web design will always give your visitors a better browsing experience both online and offline that will make them want to come and spend more time on your compared to the ones where they got not-too-good browsing experience. They don’t need to start adjusting the screen by pinching, zooming and the likes. The responsive website also have HTML 5 web applications with which you can continue to view some pages even while you are offline.

  5. That has both lower bounce and higher conversion rates:

    These two are just the opposite when the bounce rate is small, then the conversion rate will be big. That is what your responsive website will give you and with it, your potential customers can spend more time on your website because they will be easily engaged in it. And that will make those customers stick with you without turning to your competitors. Once you can maintain a higher conversion rate, more money will keep on coming in.

  6. That has an easier way of reporting or tracking its analytic:

    For you to make informed improvements on your website, you need to know the source of your major traffic. Having multiple versions of a website requires tracking users’ journeys through multiple conversion paths, funnels, and redirects, but with a single responsive site, you can easily monitor it. Google Analytics and other similar tools now cater for responsive websites by condensing tracking and analytic into just a report with which you can see how your content is performing on different devices.

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