7th Jan 2018

5 Useful Tips to Consider before Joining an Android Development Training Academy

5 Useful Tips to Consider before Joining an Android Development Training Academy

Android Development has gained a lot of momentum in the recent times. It is very demanded and sought after skill for youngsters who are looking for career in IT. With the tremendous increase in Android devices, Android development has gained an upper hand in IT sector.

There are a lot of Android Development training institutes that impart this knowledge. However for all those aspiring to acquire this skill must take the decision of selecting the academy wisely. A proper institute can help a lot in shaping career of the aspirant in terms of knowledge, training and experience.

Below are some useful considerations that will help an aspiring Android developer in choosing the right academy for Android Development course.

Demo Classes

Not all the Android Development training academies provide Demo classes. By taking Demo sessions, a person can assess the quality of teaching and content of the course. Taking demo lessons in different academies will help the aspirant to compare and figure out the best option. Thus Demo sessions are important while choosing an Android Development Training Academy.

Experience of Faculty Members

It is important to know the faculty members, their qualification and experience before taking the decision. Some academies hire industry professionals as faculties and that is good as they can provide knowledge along with their hands on experience. It is always better coming from a professional who has worked in the industry and can share the experience. Faculty members must be able to become mentors and impart knowledge that will help the students in their career.


An Android Development training academy must have good infrastructure and conductive learning environment. This is essential as in IT sector concentration and dedication are vital requirements. A place where learning and knowledge are priority is required. Students must have the facility to learn and practice.

Placement Assistance

Some highly reputed training institutes have tie ups with corporates and companies that are willing to hire Android developers. These institutes provide placement assistance to students and guide them for interviews and tests. It is important to look for academies that have such placement assistance so that a kickstart is provided to your career.


Few of the selected Android development training academies offer internship programs that will give students an insight into the industry. These internships are very helpful as they help creating contacts and give a proper working knowledge of android development. It is a part of the training of Android Development.

With so many Android Development training academies coming up, it is essential to make a wise decision as it will have a long term impact on the student’s career. Keeping in mind the above points, an aspirant can make an informed decision.

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