11th Sep 2020

5 Key Skills For A Web Developer To Learn

5 Key Skills For A Web Developer To Learn

Web development is a field that is continuously advancing. The addition of new and advanced features in this field has become a common phenomenon. The constant change is actually due to user behavior and needs that keep changing from time to time. If you do not upgrade and improve, you won’t be able to meet the requirements of the users. Your projects won’t have the relevance to match up to the market requirement.

In this cut-throat competitive environment, how could a web developer keep themselves at the top? It’s quite obvious! Every web developer has to ensure that they need to learn new skills to keep themselves updated. They need to keep a hawk’s eye on the new development that takes place in the field and embrace them in the upcoming projects. You can’t predict the future, but you can always brace yourself.

Here you would get to know about the key skills areas that web developers need to focus on the year 2020.

#1 Implementation And Integration Of Artificial Intelligence

Well, AI has become the thing that attracts users and thus it has become very significant for the past few years. AI in the form of chatbots can be implemented in the web development projects to bring out something new and dynamic that users would find interesting. This is just an instance where AI can be effectively used in web development. Experienced as well as aspiring web developers can use AI features extensively to improve the overall quality of the project.

#2 Learning Various JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript is generally considered as one of the most popular and essential languages that web developers use. Web developers must have hands-on knowledge about all the upcoming JavaScript libraries that help in creating dynamic web applications. Javascript libraries are pre-written JavaScript code snippets that help in accomplishing repetitive tasks without writing codes again and again. It helps the web developers to achieve the project milestones at a faster speed and efficiency. Having great knowledge of Javascript libraries would help web developers to work with AJAX and other web-based technologies.

#3 Learning About Version Control/ GIT

Being a web developer, you have done your hard work. In this journey, you might have made a lot of changes in the front end as well as the back-end. But how will you keep a track of all the changes? What if something goes wrong and all your hard work goes down the drain? To avoid such scenarios, every web developer must have knowledge of version control. It is basically a process through which you are tracking all the changes on the project as well as controlling the source code.

#4 Learn To Test Your Code

Testing is the most important part of web application development. It helps a web developer to write clean code that is bug-free and could be easily maintained. If you develop a skill of testing your code after major changes, then you would not have a problem in the future. A web developer should know about the different types of the test such as unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests. Testing is often considered as a major part of the front end as well as backend development.

#5 Learning Different Front-End Designing Languages – HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap are the most popular languages that are used by web developers. These languages keep evolving by embracing advanced features that help in creating dynamic web applications to meet user requirements. When you are able to design beautiful web pages and themes with the help of these languages, you would require JavaScript to control the user interaction.

#6 Learning PHP

A Open Source Scripting Language: When you are talking about developing high-level skills, you cannot leave behind PHP. PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source server-side scripting language that is basically used in the design and development of websites and web applications. The main purpose of using PHP – scripting language is to enhance the performance of the application.


Web development is the field that is recognized as one of the hottest industries around, and it’s not about to change anytime soon due to which an increasing number of people are projected towards taking up web development as the career option. It also indicated that the competition among the web developers would increase rapidly. To make yourself stand out from the crowd of web developers, you always have to gain skills that are in-demand. It would also help you to meet your client’s requirements. There are various online courses and training institutes providing training for the above-mentioned skills which truly serves the purpose.

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